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Managed Services & Computer Repair

24/7 system monitoring which leverages in-house technology to make more efficient use of limited organizational resources. Realize all the advantages of our services without the IT management burden. But don't worry, Premier Computer Consulting also provides onsite IT services to repair computers and/or other network devices.

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AntiVirus & Security

You need to know without a doubt that you are entrusting your business, your data, and your customers' data to a company that takes security as seriously as you do.

Rest assured, we do. Over the years, we have assembled a suite of antivirus and security services, and we utilize the very best practices across the industry to provide the highest level of security.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the process of regaining access to the data, hardware, and software necessary to resume critical operations following a natural or human-caused disaster.

Premier Computer Consulting will get your business or organization up and running in no time.

Backup Solutions

Premier Computer Consulting delivers superior backup, recovery and archive solutions that meet your specific business needs. Our solutions have been implemented across many industries successfully. Never lose your important data due to unexpected system failure.

Server Configuration

Premier Computer Consulting configures, manages, and maintains your servers. We complete your Internet and email setup and ensure the security and reliability of your servers while implementing an effective server management solution.


Wiring is the backbone of your communications system. We design and install Voice, Data and Multi Media cabling systems, Mulit-Pair and Shielded Copper, and Fiber Optic wiring designs for various applications.

Properly configured for your future organizational requirements, Premier Computer Consulting installations provide years of fault-free operations.

Phone System

Phone systems are key to your organization's ability to communicate externally. Premier Computer Consulting offers complete set-up, configuration, and maintenance of your phone systems with scalable options to fit your needs.

Custom Applications

From conceptualization to implementation, testing through deployment, Premier Computer Consulting provides turn-key solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our system analysts and developers have extensive experience in building custom applications according to your specific needs.

Business System Analysis & Implementation

Modern business information systems continue to require ever increasing design and implemenation complexity. Premier Computer Consulting implements the tools and methods for the customized design of your business information systems.

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